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Behind The Lens

Runteliharjun Laavu (Runteliharju lean-to shelter), Oulu, Finland.
It was something like a 1pm, not so sure, after midday still. I were in a little hike with my 3 year old son. And we went to lean-to shelter drink some hot coffee and gold water after very hot walking. My son wanted some snacks with his water so i asked if he would like to try some cricket snacks. He told that he realy want to try them. I took all of the snack packs out and put them to the bench. After he chose his favorites i saw a great image im my head and took my camera out and took couple photos of them. This one was the best one.
There was a little too much light so i had to put camera settings for a little darker. But there is no mirrors or reflections used or any kind of hand lightning, only natural.
My Nikon camera and AF Nikkor 24-85mm 2,8-4 D lens, no flash or no tripod.
I have always want to take some commercial looking photos and i got a good feeling of this one, because crickets are pretty hype in these days and thought that there can be people who sees my photo and maybe want to taste them too. And i wanted to my son be a part of this one, he is my light in my eye.
I put a little bit of lightning to darkest part of the photo.
In my camera bag
My camera, same lens than with this one Nikkor 24-85mm 2,8-4D, Samyang 2,8/14mm, Sigma 70-300mm 4-5,6 and Nikon ss-400 flash.
The right camera settings, natural lightning, really good feeling and awesome hiking vibes!

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