Wasted Youth

Kickass muse Vixen van der Zee

Kickass muse Vixen van der Zee
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NikiFoxx88 September 02, 2021
Real tattoos?
robertwestinphotography September 03, 2021
Absolutely 💉
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Behind The Lens

Me and Vixen shot this in my home studio setup.
Since this was shot indoors the time of day was not super relevant to the outcome. However I’m quite sure this was taken late in the evening when the sun wasn’t blasting in from gaps in the blinds.
This was a simple one light setup. I wanted to get close and detailed. A bit harsh and raw feeling to it.
I used my canon 5D iv and my trusty 24-70mm 2.8L. Elinchrom flash head with an 80 cm deep octa shaper.
Vixen’s head tattoo was the main inspiration for this photo. The earring really came into play and added a whole new vibe and a bit stoic feeling.
I have worked with dnb to smooth skin and make highlights and shadows pop a bit extra. I also filled in the earring with the red star, as it in reality was just a star shaped hole.
In my camera bag
I have different setups depending on the job, but my standard packing is my Canon 5D iv, 24-70mm 2.8L. I also have a second lens with me as standard I put either a 100mm 2.8L or a 50mm 1.4 in the backpack. Together with speedlite, speedlite transmitter, extra batteries, memory cards and ND filter.
Pay attention to the details. Try to set up your subject with an emotion or feeling to capture some soul while making the portraits. Take your time to move around the light source and test amount of light for good results.

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