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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at my home in Hanover, Ontario. I was practicing self-portraits in my living room with a couple props.
It was around noon on a week day. Since quarantine has almost everyone stuck at home I was really excited to use this time to work on my creative ability with objects in my home. I grabbed the current book I was reading, my favourite midday beverage and worked with the pillows as my background. This photo was taken at precisely 12:39pm on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.
I had a bit of natural light coming through two big windows on either side of me. Although, since I was doing the shoot inside, it was quite a bit darker than if I had gone outside. I had to bump my ISO to 400 and use a much slower shutter speed to gather the light I wanted. I have to say, staying that still while the timer counted down was once of the harder things I’ve had to do since being stuck at home.
I shot this on a Canon EOS Rebel T5i with a 40mm lens. Since I was my own subject, I used a tripod and the timer setting on the camera.
I’ve been doing a lot of reading since the beginning of COVID-19 quarantine and I fell in love with the book in the photo “My Dark Vanessa.” I wanted to catch the essence of the novel through the photo as well as show how much it meant to me. The soft touch of the spine is portraying how gentle one has to be when reading this novel. The clothing I was wearing depicts what an average high school and/or college student wears nowadays.
The only editing I needed for this photo was cropping the right side in a very small amount and increasing the shadows to make the black areas stand out more.
In my camera bag
I keep four different lenses in my bag, a tripod, the battery charger and a USB cord to upload photos to my laptop. The lenses I use are the 40mm, a 18-55mm, a 28-105mm and a 75-300mm.
Try to get creative with the objects around your home. Don’t be afraid to step in front of the camera and practice photography with yourself as the subject. It’s amazing how you can create a masterpiece with items from your home and a little patience.

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