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harmeetsingh Apr 25

Behind The Lens

I improvised a small studio in my living room to be able to shoot during the lockdown, that way I kept shooting with my close friends only and getting creative with all the changes there's been.
We finished all the materials and light test about 6 pm, then we started.
I shoot it using a softbox as main light and a fill lighted gel color yellow to pop - it up.
Sony 7R2 camera, 50 mm 1.2 Canon Lens, Canon 580 EX II flash on the softbox and a Youngnuo 467 II with a gel color.
Where I live is autumn and this means that the flowers and folliage changes. I’ve seen a lot daisies lately coming out from the patagonian landscape that surrounds me. This is the basic motive for me to use them as allegory to my shoot. Then it was all about wearing masks during the quarentine, I merged these two concepts on my photo.
Usually, I start with Camera Raw for basic adjustments, and then I clean the image in Photoshop. I’ve found that Nik Collection gives me great results with color managing, so usually I do this, and then finish the last details again in Photoshop, which means, correcting shadows, spots, or things that I don’t want in the final image.
In my camera bag
I have a Sony Alpha 7R2 camera body, and I usually don’t leave my 7artisans 35mm 1.2 which I really love. With this photo I borrowed a Canon 50 mm 1.2 just to be able to focus better. I have kit lens a 24 - 105 mm F Canon Lens, and always have a flash with me.
I think that during this lockdown you have to use your creativity. I used things that were around me and easy to get. During my last trip to the supermarket I bought a facial mask that I thought could be great to use and apply to my next door model; and the daisies that where on my backyard. This means, instead of taking usual photos of her, I had to be creative to shoot something else or otherwise all my photos of her would be the same. So my main advice would be, don’t take risks at these times and use your creativity to shoot during this lockdown.

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