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A few locations that we scouted for a music video

A few locations that we scouted for a music video
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken in at the abandoned Apple Hill Ski Lodge in the Lehigh Valley, PA. What was once a popular getaway spot just 15 minutes from Allentown is now lost to the public, only to be given new life by urban explorers who praise these abandoned sites for their mysteries and unique histories.
After spending the day exploring abandoned sites around the Lehigh Valley we reached Apple Hill Ski Lodge around 4:00 pm. Since it was winter, we arrived just before the start of sunset which allowed the sun to create these long shadows that peaked through the abandoned lodge.
I wanted to play into the abandoned nature of the site and keep it mysterious by creating a strong contrast so that the details within the lodge are cloaked in darkness and the only things that can be seen are what the natural light touches. In these sites, you never really know who/what is lurking in the shadows, like the mysterious model here.
This was shot on a Canon 62 Mark ii using a 24-105mm. We were doing run and gun photos so they were all handheld with no additional lighting.
I was location scouting for a music video I was working on for and turned to my friend who is a fan of urban exploration. I gave him the outline for the general mood I was looking for in each scene and he took over finding the locations for me. These shots were originally just going to be used for a mood board and inspiration to further plan the music video but ended up loving the test shots.
I did very little in regards to edits asides from strengthening the contrast and enhancing the dark winter colors.
In my camera bag
As of recent, my camera bag has been relatively simple. The two lenses that are always in my bag is a 50mm and a 24-105mm, occasionally I will bring a 75-300mm depending on the type of shoot. I always bring a tripod with me whether its a standard-sized one or a small Gorillapod for versatile mounting options. Along with the basic equipment I always bring a few sets of fairy lights and a prism for interesting light distortions.
When exploring new locations try out different angles and vantage points for a unique perspective that may be missed by others. Also, experiment with the time of day you are shooting as the mood for a location can change drastically depending on the lighting.

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