My beautiful girl... Photo shoot for my birthday - one year ago. I have been spending time learning more about post-processing and gradually getting better.
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My beautiful girl... Photo shoot for my birthday - one year ago. I have been spending time learning more about post-processing and gradually getting better.
Time to get some more cherry blossom pics before they are gone. Wish they lasted longer...
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Behind The Lens

This was taken at the end of our driveway. The drive is lined with cherry trees that are gorgeous in the spring so we dressed Lexie up to match.
This was at the tail end of golden hour… almost getting too dark to shoot, but the flash filled her in well. The sun is very low in the sky behind her.
The sun is giving a bit of backlight onto her far shoulder but most of the lighting is provided by the built-in flash. Easy peasy.
I used my Nikon D810 with 85 mm Nikon prime lens. Hand held. Built-in flash. This was actually a very easy shot to capture. It’s the beautiful girl that makes it special;) .
This was a photo shoot with my daughter for my birthday. Nothing makes me happier than shooting and editing photos (side passion), so my kids will often indulge me for my birthday and put on whatever I ask and do a photo shoot with me. I love the cherry trees in bloom and we had the cute pink floral headband from when she was little. We thought it was a cute addition and added a Spring feel to the image…
Yes! I edit in Lightroom and then Photoshop. It is shocking what a difference the editing process makes with portraits as you get to understand what photoshop can do. It pops the subject out of the photo and makes a dramatic difference.
In my camera bag
I carry WAYYY too much and have been working to lighten the load. Nikon D810; nifty 50 f1.8 lens; 85 mm f1.8 prime lens; decent Nikon zoom as my utility lens for regular family events; Sigma 35mm f1.4; Nikon 24-70 AND 70-200 lenses - maybe they’re Tamron or Tokina… I think I bought something with good ratings but cheaper than Nikkor. Additional flash (that attaches to camera); a series of filters (but I need more!!) and often a 4-in-1 folding reflector. BUT this particular image required very little. Camera and a portrait lens with a built-in flash.
Time of day matters a lot, especially if it’s a bright sunny day. Put your subject in the shade and use a fill flash. Take a TON of shots… I probably took at least 75 shots of her just standing under this tree with her moving slightly, tilting the head a little this way or that…it is best to have a TON to choose from when you go to edit. You just delete all the ones you don’t want! Also, do whatever you need to do to put your model at ease and feeling confident and comfortable. It helps so much! And TELL them where to put their arm or whatever. All these little things make a huge difference in the final product! Happy shooting!

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