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SharkPhotograph11 PRO
Thank you :)
Hood May 09
Wow such a lovely shot! A poser for sure!...😂

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my garden. This dog, named Pogo, was taken from a shelter. He's about 4 now and I don't know his past. Pogo is very friendly but he's got a very strong will and likes to do things his own way :) On my photo I tried to show this part of his character.
I think, this is one of my best photos showing Pogo. I took it in the afternoon in the end of September. I remember, it was a cloudy day.
Because it was the afternoon and there were a lot of louds the light wasn't too strong, so I didn't need flash or blende.
This photo was shot on Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 90mm f.2 lens. Because it was a portrait in natural light I used aperture priority in my camera. No other equipment was used.
I love taking photos of animals, especially horses and dogs. They have different characters, and I try to capture the essence of an animal. I want to show emotions, beauty and naturalness of animals.
Because I take photos in RAWs I have to do some post-processing. I usually use Lightroom and Photoshop. This photo I cropped, changed contrast and white balance. I had to use a stamp to remove some dirt from fur and grass. I try not to overdose postprocessing, because I want my photos to look natural.
In my camera bag
When I go out to take some portraits I usually have Fujifilm X-T2 with 90mm f.2 lens (it's 135 mm in full frame) with me. Sometimes I also take Nikon D700 with 85 mm f.1.4 lens. I also have Fujinon 35mm lens f.1.4 in my bag and I use it when I need a wider perspective. And I usually have a blende with me.
When you try to photograph animals have patience and be prepared to change your plans :) Animals can be unpredictable so be careful. And first of all: have fun!

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