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Time exposure of Philadelphia City Hall at Night

Philadelphia, PA—Feb 6, 2020; car lights streak by during time exposure in front of City Hall building downtown

Philadelphia, PA—Feb 6, 2020; car lights streak by during time exposure in front of City Hall building downtown
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Look forward to your comments on night photography and long exposures.

Behind The Lens

This is a photo taken in front of Philadelphia City Hall on a concrete island divider in the middle of broad street a main road into the city that is busy with traffic. I have a job where I travel a lot across North America so I have found it gives me exercise, a reason to get out an see the sights, and a path for improving my hobby.
When I am done with work I like to take a photo walk after work. In the winter time this typically means night photography. This particular shot was taken in January around 8 PM with a lot of nightlife moving around.
In my opinion pictures that capture motion tell more of a story so I enjoy time exposures. Traffic is a great way to capture light in time exposures. I wanted to get more and longer light streaks but It was going to flood the building with too much light if exposure was too long. If the exposure was too short the streaks would be simple dashes. So I took an HDR series to get a better effect without loosing the buildings. This also allowed me to give aspects off the image rich shadows. Longer shots create great star points on the stronger lights too.
Taken with Pentax K-1ii, tripod, remote, a 15-30mm at 25mm f13 for 1.3, 4 and 13 seconds. Focus stacked on ipad air affinity photo app.
Three things inspire my photography most: urban landscape; motion and night photography this had them all. Also with the traffic leading to the spire are Philadelphia City Hall with its clocktower it creates wonderful leading lines.
Yes. In this case I first adjusted the three HDR images in Lightroom ipad cloud app then moved them to affinity to compose the HDR image. This one worked fairly well in HDR processing.
In my camera bag
Pentax K-1Iii; 15-30mm 2.8, 24-70mm 2.8, and 70-210mm 2.8; ipad pro; tripod; filter set; cleaning kit; and spare batteries all in a WANDRD backpack.
Take pictures all of the time but don't make it a task rather make it part of life. Don't be afraid to bring a camera bag more often. Soon you will start to learn to photo some part of your life. I travel a lot for work so rather than being a travel photographer, I'm a work travel photographer. Also if you are like me it gives you a hobby you can do in the evenings while on business trips. Not sure I gave you any great or new advice but thanks for listening.

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