Young hausa man herding cattle at sunset.

Young hausa man herding cattle at sunset.
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Summer 2020
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Picturing Other Species Photo ContestTop 20 class
New Community Member Photo Contest Vol 203 Top 10 class


Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on an empty grassland area in a town called Bida, in Niger state, Nigeria.
This photograph actually took me about three tries to perfectly capture. I had earlier photographed the herdsman and his cattle one hot afternoon but I didn't seem to get the mood I had pictured in my head. On this fateful day though, I was taking an evening weekend stroll with a couple of friends and there he was returning home after the day's grazing. This image was taken at 6:11 pm on Saturday, March 30th, 2019.
I had always wanted this image to look warm with the orange tones to highlight the dust that was always rising as a result of the movement of the herd, the reason why the midday shot didn't cut it for me. This shot though, was perfectly in time with the sunset and the golden hour was right upon us so it had that natural warm orange and reddish feel I had always wanted.
I was alone on this day with my mobile phone and it was a TECNO Camon 11 device (CF7K) and that was what I used to make this image.
Here in Nigeria, there is a cumpolsory one-year national youth service scheme for every one who graduates from the University and it involves being posted to any region in the country. I was posted to the north and the Fulani group who are predominantly herdsman and farmers are dominant. I had always wanted an image that would perfectly immortalise my one year stay amongst these people and this was it.
Yes, I did a little post processing work using Adobe Lightroom mobile app to accentuate the warm tones and further add a little vibrance to the colours. I also used VSCO App to add a retro and vintage feel to the image to amplify the culture and tradition of that region.
In my camera bag
Anything handy is good enough.
Uhm... I would say, always be ready and always know what you want to shoot before the picture comes along. I guess that was what helped me in creating this masterpiece. I already had an image in my head so when the opportunity came, I just clicked away.

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