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Behind The Lens

I took this photo during an in home newborn session. I always prefer to go to the homes of my newborn sessions. It leads to a more relaxed session for mom, who is still recovering herself. I bring with me newborn props, outfits, wraps, posing bags, different assortments of fabric for the baby to be laid on, a portable heater, and any lighting equipment i may need.
This was taken around high noon, inside the home next to a nice bright window.
This particular photo was taken with natural lighting. Mom had a beautiful open window next to a small area where I could set my equipment up. I carry with me a sheer curtain, and I pulled back my clients drapes and placed the sheer white curtain on the window, so it created a soft-box effect. I also brought with my cheap poster boards, which were all white and used as a temporary reflector. This created nice even lighting for the entirety of the photo.
I used a very simple set up. This was taken with a Nikon D7500 and a 35 1.8 lens. I used only natural lighting, with the sheer curtain and posterboards to use as reflectors. I have since upgraded to make things easier, but it did the trick at the time.
On every newborn session, I make sure to take time to get pictures of the details as well. I take photos of baby's eyelashes, ears, nose, feet, and hands. These are photos I think my clients will look back on and be thankful to have those detail shots in addition to standard posed portraits.
Yes, there is always a little bit of post processing done to ensure the photos pop.I corrected the baby's skin tone and coloring, as he was slightly jaundiced when these photos were taken. I added layer masks and increased texture, clarity, and contrast to the flokati fabric beneath the baby.
In my camera bag
I always have a large 5in1 reflector, and a flash system ready. I like to bring extra batteries and sd cards for my camera, and extra batteries for my flash equipment. I always keep a small portable softbox on my flash head to soften the lighting on the subject. For newborn sessions, I like to use a humming machine. I use an app on my phone that has calming sounds for a baby, so it helps prevent them from waking up during position changes.
My first piece of advice would be safety first. To take this photo, we had mom be a spotter so I could keep both hands on my camera to take the photo. My number one rule is never turn your back on baby to reach for anything. Always have a spotter or an assistant. This was not a technically difficult photo to get, but just remember to try to catch all of the details for mom to remember as baby grows up.

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