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For more of my work, photo tours and workshops please visit my website

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Contest Finalist in Boulders Photo Contest 2019
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Thanks you very much! It’s very much appreciated.

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Behind The Lens

I took the photo last summer in A Coruna in Galicia, during a walk with my family in the Torre de Hercules area.
I took the photo later in the afternoon.
It was a cloudy and foggy day on the coast. But when the sun made it through a small gap in the cloud cover it was clear that I had to take the opportunity!
This was shot on a Canon 200D with a Canon EF-S 10-18 mm lens at aperture f8 and ISO 100. With my 10 Stop ND i shot this longexposure with a 30 second exposure for the sky and the waves. The rocks are focus stacked.
I liked the transition from the warm light that struggled through the cloud cover and the cooler looking side that was not reached by sunlight. The rugged red rock as a separation I found fitting and interesting as a contrast to the long time exposure.
On one hand I made a focus stack for the rock to have it completely sharp. On the other hand I made a long time exposure of 30 seconds to get the water and sky soft and combine this exposure in a nice contrast to the rock. Mainly I accentuated the color of the rock and the light of the sun. This of course along with all other developments of the RAW file.
In my camera bag
Until now I’m a Canon shooter. I used the Canon 200D with a 10-18 mm wide angle lens and a 18-200 mm zoom lens. This month I will upgrade my setup. My new workhorse will be the Fujifilm GFX 50S.
Basically, one can always take good pictures of this coastal section. Normally, one photographs in direction west to southwest. So it is perfect for great sunsets. The coast is relatively rugged and offers many compositions. Of course, one has to research the weather in advance in order to have the best possible conditions. With this photo I was of course lucky that the sun fought its way through the cloud cover after all.

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