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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Sydney, Australia. This was a fashion shoot for a local label Ginny and Jude. The designer had a vision of shooting around the city and our first location was this beautiful underground train station St James right in the heart of the city.
This shoot is my favourite of all time. I have so many amazing images from this day. This was our first look we shot, it was 10am on a busy Monday morning. Loads of commuters but magically I managed to avoid them in a lot of my shots.
I am going to be completely honest I don't do flash. I have never learnt (I know, I know, I really should) but I really love working with what I have. I work quite fast and don't like to spend a lot if time in one location. When I first received the brief for this shoot I was very worried that locations we picked were going to be too dark, but I will try anything once and if something doesn't work I just move on. This particular shot we were underground and only had the fluorescent lighting of the train station as our light source, anxiety was at a high but everything worked. The shadows and grain from pushing my iso worked in my favour, and am grateful this designer trusts me creatively.
This image was shot on a Nikon D800, with a Sigma 24-35mm lens. No other equipment was used.
Inspiration for this image came from the designer I worked with. This collection is called "Little Girl Blue" after Nina Simone's debt album from 1958. Nina was in her early 20's when it was released. The Designer of Ginny and Jude wanted the collection to reflect the duality of that time in our lives; the optimism, the possibility, the confidence - but also the longing and the heartache.
I filtered this image in Lightroom. I developed a filter in Lightroom that bumped up the temperature and contrast, and played with the shadows.
In my camera bag
I am poor hahaha but seriously I don't have loads of money to buy beautiful equipment so I make do with what I have. All I have is my Nikon D800, Sigma 24-35mm lens, 50mm Nikor lens, two battery packs. iPhone for sneaky videos/post on instagram and Fuji instax (because fun!!!). Some days I might get the old Pentax K1000 for a bit of film play.
I really love shooting portraits, and shooting people who have great direction and confidence really helps. I always have an image I want to take but I like to shoot around that image that's in my brain. In other words, I like to take a few frames before and after the image I want to capture, whilst my subject is in motion. I always find this is where the most interesting images are. And don't be afraid to push your cameras limits, I have learnt to love the flaws in images sometimes that's where the magic is.

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