At the viaduct





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5 Comments | Report
jimhelmick November 24, 2019
Great photo.
lauracoomber November 24, 2019
Thank you!
lauracoomber December 16, 2019
thank you @Tonyberry
speterson6 PRO+
speterson6 Jan 05
Wonderfully original and creative image. Great work laura.
lauracoomber Jan 05
Thank you so much!
jackhall_9918 PRO
jackhall_9918 Jan 05
Great capture! I like the framing, the symmetry, the man looking, his pose and his hat. My only criticism is that the man could be just the tiniest bit to his right to make the symmetry complete. Of course, a bit of asymmetry in a symmetrical image can add a bit of tension, and therefore, interest. Is this somewhere in Europe?
lauracoomber Jan 05
Thank you so much for the compliments and critique ???? It’s taken at Balcombe Viaduct in the UK
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 Jan 06
Wonderful image! Congratulations on being a finalist.
lauracoomber Jan 06
Thank you so much MaryAnne ??

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Behind The Lens

Despite living fairly nearby (and travelled over it by train) I had never actually visited Balcombe Viaduct. It's such a great piece of architecture I wanted to try to capture this and the shapes, getting smaller and smaller.
By memory I think it was early afternoon when we arrived.
The lighting wasn't the best, it was a cold grey day, with an occasional bit of sunlight coming through. I had to be quick! The fields were muddy so fairly difficult to get across the fields too...we weren't prepared!
I used a Sony A7R. I didn't have a tripod with me so hand held the camera, occasionally using the viaduct to lean the camera on.
I loved the shape, and wanted to explore what images I could capture by taking photos from different angles.
I did some post processing, using lightroom. I sharpened the image and adjusted the light.
In my camera bag
I travel light! Usually just my camera and lens but I probably need to take a tripod out a bit more often.
Have fun! Don't be afraid of trying different angels and different settings on the camera.

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