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Behind The Lens

Stuttgart Stadtmitte (downtown). I was wandering about, prior to Christmas and saw this alley between the buildings that form the Music Instruments Museum and Stiftskirche. Behind me there's Schillerplatz (a square and monument dedicated to Friedrich Schiller). Ahead is one of the lateral shopping streets near Königstraße. The alley's name is Am Fruchtkasten, literally "By the fruitbox".
After sunset. There was very little light as the sun was already slipping in the horizon but street lights didn't turn on yet. There was only twilight and Christmas and Neues Jahr decoration from the shops.
I wanted to highlight the contrast between the late medieval alley and the bright electric decorations, so I desaturated everything except the little view at the end.
Just an iPhone 5s.
Both museums, Württemberg History Museum and Music Instruments, were closed and my stroll was closing to an end as I didn't really have an interest in Christmas shopping. I was looking for a different route to come back to Königstraße, when I saw this. I thought it was too good to miss it even if I was tired, so I drew my phone and shot.
Yes. Once on my computer I realised the contrast wasn't as I saw it on the spot. Probably the auto-settings in iPhone betrayed me. So I desaturated everything except the narrow view at the end, and then added a touch of vibrance to the lights to bring them back to what I saw in the street.
In my camera bag
A NikonD3500 with a kit lense on, and an extra longer one in a pocket. I didn't use the camera because it would have meant extra seconds I couldn't afford. In the moment the street lights would turn on the scene would be ruined.
Walk. Walk a lot. Take your time, and take the less visited, the overlooked streets and places.Look around, let your eyes wander, not only at your eye level but also higher and lower. I saw this because I stopped and looked up.

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