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An eagle gets a fish at Woods Canyon Lake, AZ. It seems it was letting me know it was HIS prize.
Photo taken September 2017....
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An eagle gets a fish at Woods Canyon Lake, AZ. It seems it was letting me know it was HIS prize.
Photo taken September 2017.
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Winner in Low Flying Birds Photo Challenge
Magnificent Capture
RichardLWoodworth PhilC JPART7 billcrotts ChrisBPhotography Macpwm JTello +11
Peer Award
skippy4280 ralphwakeman Kivera winnerslens31 deekaycee glenmarshall AnnHopta +11
Absolute Masterpiece
ronjudyluv2travel 831John JayneBug rhendricks Paul_Joslin photosue50 stephanieovdiyenko +5
Top Choice
Aarti_Sachin_Soman NatureCoast CURUTCHET KritiOne1 Cookies4U
Superior Skill
jdmarks64 terrymccollum
SmallTownKatt DocTom
bpwhite Deb-Deb
Superb Composition
micHELL666 Sun-Bee
All Star


nina050 brianvandermerwe Joviaal Sun-Bee micHELL666 Antoniobarrios Dave324 +4

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Feathers And Wings Photo ContestTop 10 class
Feathers And Wings Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Capture The Food Chain Photo ContestTop 10 class
My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol8Top 10 class
My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol8Top 10 class week 1


21 Comments | Report
nina050 PRO+
nina050 October 06, 2019
Holy moly! This is fantastic!!
mcampi PRO+
mcampi October 06, 2019
Wow wow wow this is just awesome
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal October 08, 2019
Another great capture, and indeed, it looks into the camera as if it want to say "did you get that?".
NaturesBounty PRO
NaturesBounty October 08, 2019
Thank you all for your kind comments. Joop, you are right in your description. I think he is also asking if I had my camera settings correct for a change.
Sun-Bee October 20, 2019
Powerful capture with perfect timing on your part!!!
richardbauman Platinum
richardbauman October 20, 2019
This is outstanding on so many levels. The sharpness of the eagle's face, the fish in its talons, not to mention the still disturbed water where the eagle grabbed the fish.
micHELL666 October 20, 2019
Haha he does has have the warning look of "you better get this picture straight!" And you did!!! Amazing capture!!
NaturesBounty PRO
NaturesBounty October 28, 2019
Thank you all for the positive a d inspiring feedback.
GeraintI PRO+
GeraintI December 07, 2019
Wonderful shot. Love his expression too.
terrymccollum Ultimate
terrymccollum Feb 26
Wow! Awesome Photo. Well Done!
Voted low flying birds!
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal Apr 18
You got my vote, this will be a winner in the low flying challenge!
NaturesBounty PRO
NaturesBounty Apr 18
Thank you both for the kind votes.
KritiOne1 PRO
KritiOne1 Apr 24
Congratulations on being selected as the winner of my Low Flying Birds photo challenge! Beautiful image!
JayneBug Platinum
JayneBug Apr 24
Action and subject is amazing! Congratulations on your award winning image and capture!
deekaycee PRO+
deekaycee Apr 24
Great capture! Way to go on your challenge win!
UntetheredPhotos Ultimate
Congratulations on the low flying bird challenge win. Really nice photo
micHELL666 Apr 24
Congrats for a well deserved win !! This is such an awesome capture!!
NaturesBounty PRO
NaturesBounty Apr 25
I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you.
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal Apr 26
Congratulations, you were not only the People\'s choice, but also the Grand Winner. Well done! 😄
831John Aug 28
Brilliant photograph