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‘Hello Tiger’





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konrad_kali December 15, 2019
\nLOVELY PHOTO ! :-) Find me on INSTAGRAM ;-) @konradkaliphotography

Behind The Lens

This image was taken in a home studio setup as part of a collection of images
This image is one of my favourite images from the set. It was taken during the Autumn at about 7.30pm it was set up using a simple grey background when all natural light had disappeared and using just one studio light with a large softbox fitted
I wanted to create a moody and evocative kind of image to convey a sense of mystery and at the same time a playful and intense look.
The image was taken using a Nikon D800 fitted with a Sigma 50mm Art lens and a wireless trigger. Lighting was achieved by using a single studio flash with a large soft box set to low power to obtain that distinctive look and highlighting the model’s attire.
This model is very petite with masses of dark curly hair and by dressing in just a bikini top and crop trousers it seemed natural to have her seated on the floor to convey that playful emotion
This image was processed using Adobe Bridge and Camera RAW where a vignette was added to enhance subject. It was then uploaded to Adobe CC where after tweaking the image With levels and curves using layers it was saved as a high quality JPEG image.
In my camera bag
When I am undertaking a studio portraiture session of this kind I generally use my Nikon D800 with a variety of Quality prime lens Including 35mm, 50mm and 85mm lens. Wireless triggers and backgrounds, lighting as deemed necessary.
When contemplating a home shoot my advice is try to keep things simple. A plain grey, white or black backcloth or a plain ‘popup’ background and make use of any natural features. Be aware of other light sources. Also shooting space can be limited so a variety of prime lens or a short telephoto lens such as a 24-70mm or 24-105mm is ideal.

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