Harvest Days

A plow gets ready for the next planting

A plow gets ready for the next planting
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Behind The Lens

Living in the middle of Oklahoma farm country, harvest time is always brings a chance of a photo opportunity. This was taken down a county road a few miles from our property; a wheat farm getting ready for the next planting cycle.
This was taken at sunset. I had tried a few different angles, but the suns position in relation to the tractor turned out to be the perfect composition on this shot.
Shooting into the sun is always a challenge - getting the right angle to avoid sun flare is key.
This was shot on a tripod with a Canon 6D Mk II and a 24-105mm f/4L at 24mm. No other equipment was used.
I've always loved large farm equipment as a subject for my photos. Since it is used on so many different farms, to find one parked in such a way as to get a good photograph is not very common. And the sunset itself was excellent as well.
This was a 2 shot bracketed image exposed for the sky and the foreground and manually merged in Photoshop. Apart from cleaning up some distractions, not much was needed in the way of post processing.
In my camera bag
My go-to setup is a Canon 6D Mk II and a Canon 24-105mm f/4L.
This is a prime example of the benefits of taking advantage of an opportunity. I was scouting the area for a landscape shot when I happened upon this scene. The subject wasn't there the day before, and wasn't there the next day. Never assume you can go back tomorrow and get a shot. Taking shots at multiple angles to compose the best image and having the patience to wait for just the right light is so important as well.

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