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Commish PRO
Commish February 12, 2021
WOW Beautiful model great shooting
Neverdullphotography PRO+
Neverdullphotography February 05, 2022
Thank you. Lindsay is a professional now in Hollywood....
nasiibcilmixuseen February 27, 2021
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Behind The Lens

This was taken in my family room. I was to shoot some casual and fashion images for Lindsay's portfolio. We started off casually then pulled the paper down for a more controlled setting.
I used the light from the french doors behind me, which you can see blown out on the painting on the wall and angled a small Rotolight up to add some sparkle and a little warmth to Lindsay's face. I shot at ISO 2500, which is a little higher than I had wanted and I could have used a larger aperture to soften the background a little more.
I shot with my old workhorse 5D MkIII, my workhorse Tamron 24-70 and a Rotolight.
I enjoy shooting with a backdrop and softboxes but forgot how much fun it is to shoot wherever the light looks good. I shot many casual shots at different locations around my house that day with great success so don't overlook any area with good light. Having an experienced model gave me no excuses.
Lindsay was the first (not the last) lady of color that I have had the fortune of working with. After our shoot I went to my normal work flow of retouching and was confounded by the results. I found an African photographer on YouTube ( hats off to Prince Meyson) helping me work with the darker skin tones and textures. Lindsay's complexion is flawless so just a bit of color correction was all that is ever needed with her. I find the warm tone pleasing.
In my camera bag
Canon 5D Mk III. Tamron 24-70 (workhorse) and other Canon and Tamron's.
Having an experienced model makes any photoshoot easier for the photographer. Try to have an idea of what you want to capture and let the model contribute. Make if fun.

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