Spring meal

Healthy meal in the spring
Healthy meal in the spring
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a local organic coffee shop/cafe in So. Cal - featuring their smoothie bowl and avocado toast, with fresh spring flowers in the background.
A beautiful sunny afternoon, my classmates and I were taking pictures of the cafe to help them promote their business. They sadly closed down as most restaurants do after 6 months - but this picture is sweet to me. It really embodies what they were about - being healthy, happy, and having a love for live and showing generosity to others.
All natural light coming through huge wall windows filled the room, I wanted the image to look as airy and inviting as possible.
Canon 70d, and I think it was my 17-40 mm lens- hand held no flash.
I loved the set up, and wanted to get that pop of color of the flowers an toast in the background to make the whole image (even to the corners) fell alive and springy.
I did a little tweaking of curves, lighting, and color to best embody the experience- I like my images bright and warm.
In my camera bag
I always take my Canon 70d, with my 17-40 mm, my 50mm for close-ups and portraits, and my 28-135 mm for everything in between! When I shoot at night, I bring my Rockinon 14mm for the stars and my zomei tripod.
Take as many shots as possible from as many different angles, messing with the arrangement until it looks right. Don't take too long though or the smoothie bowl will melt! Utilize props like other foods and flowers to bring interest.

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