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Mealways Apr 18
lovely I can see myself jumping from one to the other and trying not to fall in
svenklietz Apr 19
Das nenne ich Mal eine Perspektive...
mb_lichtbild Apr 19
Vielen Dank! 😎🤠
vojce Apr 19
excellent congrats


Moody sunset at the Baltic Sea -Darss - Wustrow
Moody sunset at the Baltic Sea -Darss - Wustrow
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken during a four-day photo tour on the Baltic Sea. I love being with friends in nature and taking pictures.
After we had very difficult light conditions all day and we also had a 15km march along the coast behind us, I had little hope for a good picture. Thunderstorm clouds finally opened in the evening and I was able to shoot this photo.
The light, the clouds and the baltic sea conjured a very special atmosphere on this evening. With a very long exposure and clear lines, I wanted to capture that special moment.
The shot is taken with a Pentax K1 / Pentax 15-30mm lens / Kase Filter GND 0.9 and ND 3.0 / Rollei Rock Solid Alpha tripod
On this day we spent the whole day on the coast and in the woods. Always looking for beautiful spots and great locations. The incredible beauty and endlessness of the rough Baltic Sea fascinate me every time anew. A wonderful area to take pictures of landscapes and seascape.
I edit my pictures in Light Room and Photo Shop. I use Light Room for some basic settings and then switch to Photo Shop to work with Luminance masks a little bit the highs and lows.
In my camera bag
I go nowhere without my Pentax! The content of my backpack also depends on the planned tour. If I have a long and steep ascent to the mountains in front of me, I try to pack less. Only the most necessary comes along. Usually I have my Pentax K1 with two Pentax lenses (15-20mm and 24-70mm) and some Kase GND & ND filters. Important are chargers for batteries. I always have 3 to 4 batteries and several memory cards. If possible, I pack a Laowa 12mm f2.8 and a Samyang 135mm lens. All this and a few clothes I pack in my Lowepro backpack. Depending on the tour, my tripod is a Rollei Rock Solid Alpha or a Rollei Rock Solid Gamma.
Very important, do not try to copy and find your own style. If possible, visit the location before, and check where and when the sun will set. Watch the weather report and maybe use an app to plan your photo tour. be patient and wait until the right light comes and you can make your shot. But the most important thing is always the fun of photography. And do not think that a better camera will take better pictures. The photos are always made by you and not by the camera! Enjoy!

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