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Good job. Clean looking
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Beauty image of Danielle

Close up beauty edit of Danielle - natural light
Close up beauty edit of Danielle - natural light
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken at my friends studio in Preston, Lancashire. Portrait work is a passion of mine and I always try to capture emotions in my work.
This was taken around 5pm, after we spent some time chatting about the kind of look and feel I wanted from the portrait. The focus point was clearly her eyes and I wanted a little lip shine to add a little bit of sass to contrast a little with a soft dreamy look.
I had a studio full of expensive lights and modifiers but this was actually shot with natural light in the corner of the studio which has a lovely large window which was letting light flood in and bounce all around the walls and I used a large white reflector to push some light back on to Danielle's face and hair. It was important that I avoided letting the reflector push light upwards which would have created unnatural lighting on her and I wanted to create a smooth transition from the highlights on her left side to the shadows on her right.
This was shot on a Canon 6D, with a EF24-70mm 2,8L II USM lens at 70mm, 1/125 sec at f2.8
I wanted to capture a soft, dreamy looking image where the attention would be drawn to Danielle's eyes initially and then downwards towards her lips and then around her face and to her blonde hair. The Depth of Field was an important consideration as I used f2.8 to soften the tip of her nose but keep the focal plane on her eyes and lips. Her expression was also very important as I wanted it to be soft and alluring and to capture that eye contact which really connects to her emotions.
I did a light post processing and my aim was to recreate what I saw through my view finder. I fixed some skin blemishes and added a very light skin softening and added some sharpness to her eyes, lips and hair. I am a strong believer that all editing should be light touch and as natural as possible. I cropped the image a little tighter and added a little texture and a vignette.
In my camera bag
My usual choice of camera is my Canon 6D and my go to lens are 24-70mm f2,8 and 70-200mm f2.8 and I always use my light meter and color checker to nail both the exposure and white balance.
I think you need a vision before you start to press the shutter and you need to work the room you are shooting in. At the start of a shoot in a new place I haven't been to before I often have a wander around with the model discussing possibilities and checking light levels and looking at working the light angles to create something different and unique. I always think about how the final image will look printed on the wall and the model saying 'wow' when she sees it for the first time.

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