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Behind The Lens

My family and I were visiting Iceland over the spring break, and part of our itinerary was to take an ice cave tour. There was a larger cave that everyone walks through, and then just adjacent to the big cave is a smaller cave. You had to bend down/squeeze to get into it...not a spot for the claustrophobic. However, your "prize" for going in is being able to look up this vent.
We met in a parking lot at 10:00 am in Vik, Iceland, and loaded into two large rigs to get to the caves. These were the kind of vehicles that have the hydraulics on the wheels so they can adjust the PSI to be able to drive on the glaciers. There's no way you're getting there on your own. (The drive was just as fun as the cave exploring.) I believe we had to go down to 3 or 5 PSI to get to our destination. It was cold and and windy, but sunny for the most part. As we left the cave, the weather did change. I have selfies that look like I've summited Mt. Everest...a contrast to the mostly blue sky in the photo.
I went with natural lighting. The angle of the sun produced the blue reflections of sky on the vent walls.
I have an old Nikon 40D with the stock lens that I've used for 10 years. It keeps I keep clicking :-) . However, I pulled out my LG 6 phone and snapped this photo. I can switch in and out of wide angle quickly and easily, making it my choice for a tight spot like this.
When's the next time I'm going to be in an ice cave, on a glacier, on Iceland, looking up a vent? :-)
I use the ON1 Effects software to bring a little more punch to the blue.
In my camera bag
A cheap and old Nikon D40 along with the two stock lenses that came with it. I'm just a dad with camera
Take multiple shots. I probably took a dozen shots to get this one. I'll also have my phone's camera on the ready all the for this instance. I find that I can get betters shots sometimes with the features and apps on it.

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