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The Outer Hebrides is one of my favourite places to visit, the people and animals are tough, they have to be to cope with constant wind and changeable weather a...
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The Outer Hebrides is one of my favourite places to visit, the people and animals are tough, they have to be to cope with constant wind and changeable weather all year round.
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lennyallan PRO+
lennyallan Jan 07
Great shot with the mist in the distance. Scottish blackface's are a hardy breed, worked with them for 0ver 10yrs
Alisonjonesphotography PRO+
Thank you, I agree they are a fantastically well adapted breed. I love the way they seem to reflect the island life.

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in the Outer Hebrides, the weather was changeable with showery rain so we went for a walk on the side road by the cottage we were staying in just to get out and about and make the most of the time we had. I hate any down time away from home, and always try to find something to photograph. This slightly aggressive ram followed us for quite a while giving us the evil eye to make sure we knew he was guarding his property, even after the path went slightly further away he carried on staring at us.
This particular shot was taken mid afternoon which is not normally a good time of day for me, but the low cloud and overcast sky can make for a bit of drama especially if you can avoid the sky.
I wanted the viewer to understand how much this ram really made sure we knew we were on his home turf, and the shot just wouldn't have had the same effect on a bright sunny day. The gloomy Scottish day just added so much to the story of a very determined sheep.
The shot was taken with a Nikon D5300 using a 70-300 zoom lens a shutter speed of 1/320 and aperture of f8. I did not use any other equipment
I love getting out and about with the camera in new places and always try to capture the atmosphere of the area. The sheep are the essence of what makes Harris Tweed a global name, without them a lot of local business would be lost, so these hardy flocks roaming the mountains really are important and deserve to be recognised.
I always shoot raw files so that I can adjust the white balance and add depth and contrast otherwise the images can look flat and boring I lightened the shadows a little and on this occasion had to add contrast because of the low cloud.
In my camera bag
I always take two camera bodies the same Nikon D5300 with a wide 12-24 mm on one and either the 50 mm prime or 70-300 mm zoom on the other plus a set of Lee graduated filters and a 6 stopper and a 10 stopper for water. I also carry a very small floor level Manfrotto tripod, a spirit level and cable release, plus spare batteries. All my equipment is chosen according to weight as well as quality to help with my wrist problems.
Scotland has really great light for photography, provided you can make the most of the dry spells in between the showers, it is nearly always windy so loose clothing can flutter about and get in the way, the same with hair. I often wear finger-less gloves even in April and sturdy shoes because the ground is often boggy due to the peat,so it is easy to get your foot sucked into a patch of seemingly dry ground.If you go towards summer be prepared for midges which are a real problem, not only do they bite every bit of bare skin, they also ruin your work with clouds of black that you just can't avoid.

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