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Abstract Tulip





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8 Comments | Report
VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY March 16, 2019
Beautiful capture
Daisy00 PRO
Daisy00 March 17, 2019
Nice light and shadow effects.
Mspower PRO
Mspower April 08, 2019
Great shot
MartinaD PRO
MartinaD April 09, 2019
Thank you so much !
jrfleury PRO+
jrfleury July 28, 2020
Amazing work.
bobbytaylor71 PRO
bobbytaylor71 July 31, 2020
Stunningly beautiful ... Skillfully captured ... Congrats on your award.
PaulKoskinen December 05, 2020
Incredible use of light & shadow!!
JDLifeshots Feb 15
Great lighting and capture! Voted Ideas.
JDLifeshots Mar 11
Beautiful capture! Voted Most Popular.

Behind The Lens

The capture was created in my “studio”, which is my kitchen table. This is where I do my setup, when inspiration arrives.
I had been to one of my local flower shops to look for flowers that speak to me, that has grown to have a particular personality, in my eyes. This particular tulip, was given to me by the store, since it had over bloomed and was going to be thrown away. Thankfully, I got my hands on it before. The photo was taken in the evening, being lit by a lamp.
Lightening can be a big challenge. It requires a lot of patience sometimes. Moving the object and lighting in many different angels, to get the look that you’re trying to create and for the shadows to fall right.
It was actually my first attempt to shoot a flower, which is my favorite subject to shoot, in the dark with my Canon EOS 1300D. My other attempts earlier has only been with my iPhone. Well, as you can tell by my gallery, it was not my last attempt to create this kind of captures.
I have a fascination of nature’s creations, specifically the ones of flowers, from bloom to wilted and seedlings. With the risk of sounding awkward, I feel as they speak to me, telling a story. Many times it has to do with a certain mood they portray to me. There is a particular story that lays behind my inspiration in most of my flower captures. I find this particular Tulip is exuberating feminine divinity, almost like a womb.
Most of the work, shooting in the dark (for me), has to do with the right lightening and how the shadows falls, and off course the chosen settings of the camera. Very little editing is used in the post-processing. If necessary I preferably use Lightroom or PS Express.
In my camera bag
Canon EOS 1300D, with a 18-55mm lens was used for this particular capture, but when out and about, I always carry a Canon Zoom 75-300mm lens with me too. The lens ball follows me too. You never know if it may becomes handy.
Shooting with black or dark background, makes the object being the center of attention, without any other distractions. I find a good flexible lamp coming very handy as well as a lot of patience.

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