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Ambient360 Mar 11
DeeanaCreates PRO
DeeanaCreates May 09
thanks everone

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Behind The Lens

This was taken in my upstairs bedroom
This image was captured around 12 in the afternoon!
All natural Lighting! I used huge windows in the room to control the amount of light.. but with this particular image i desired it to be "bright" natural lighting.
This was shot with a Rebel T5 and a Manfrotto tripod
What inspired me to take this photo? Well I use myself as a subject in some of my photography.. the main purpose for me doing this is to explore more of who i am as an individual to explore the deepest parts of myself.. So this photograph explores passion and sensuality. I desired to create a scene and emotion within the image.. The grabbing of the sheets.. The covered face.. Body language it was all reenacted to create a sense of Euphoria. A Euphoria one senses when someone spends the night with someone they desire truly.. something that i desire for myself.
Yea i did a little lighting in photoshop, color correction & adding a little bit more blur to the image
In my camera bag
I usually have Tripod, My Camera, SD cards Reflector standard lens & Telephoto lens.
Well with this particular photograph i photographed myself.. so I would say use a shutter release remote so you can control the shutter instead of putting the camera on a self timer (which is what i had to do). Using yourself as a subject in your photography is about exploring who you are as an individual ( at least for me) so i ask myself.. what part of myself am i looking to explore with these photographs? Why Am i doing this? What is my intent? Readjusting your positing, moving camera around getting different angels. Have fun with it to.. Photographing yourself as the subject can be a bit of a challenge but the more you do the better you become..

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