Cone Air

Well, what else to say but Marius going straight over the cone. Love how he pivots his board in mid air.

Well, what else to say but Marius going straight over the cone. Love how he pivots his board in mid air.
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had00lty_90 August 18, 2020

Behind The Lens

This was taken at The Shred - Indoor Skatepark. I go with Marius (The skater in this picture) pretty much at least 1-2 times a month. I love sport photography, all though that's not what I get paid to do, this is just what I love and it remains my hobby. Maybe one day I'll start looking at it as an income, but for now I'm just loving having fun with these guys.
This was shot around 7pm. We generally go after work to the skatepark and this shot was about half way in when the guys were well warmed up. I asked Marius if we can have something to jump over, just to actually show how high these guys go and the only thing that was lying around was this cone. I thought the name was quite funny - Cone Air
I generally use two speedlights for these kinds of shots. This night I was lucky to have triggers that can do HSS and obviously that was super fun to play around with. I would like to add a softbox on those speedlights, but unfortunately, there's no money for that right now. To make up for that I just set the speedlights back a meter or two and zoom the flash a little. That makes the subject stand out from the back ground and gives this harsh contrast.
I have upgraded to a mirrorless system since this was taken, but this was taken with the Canon 7D, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 Lens and two Canon 430EX-II speedlites with what I believe would have been the Yongnuo triggers. I now use a Sony a6400, but seeing as I can't afford lights for it at this stage, I still go back to the 7D when lights are needed.
I really wanted to show off the height that Marius achieves on this box. It is really difficult to show it with a photo, so getting the cone involved really helped. It's also quite tough to get this close to the skaters as I generally go during an open session so there's a lot of skaters around, but sometimes they give me an opportunity to capture these great moments.
I always use a few tweaks in Lightroom and then finish of the final product in Photoshop. I can't remember specifically what I did with this photo, as I was trying out a few new things, but generally a few tweaks here and there and just cleanup in Photoshop.
In my camera bag
Now a days I rock the Sony A6400 with metabones adapter to Canon lenses. Then I have the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, Canon 50mm f1.4 USM, Canon 70-200mm f4 L USM Lens and on occasion I'll hire a LED light or two (depending on weather I get paid for the shoot or not)
Well, I would say have fun and experiment. I feel like people tend to get stuck in a specific style and never experiment. Go out and have fun, don't just go to your paid jobs. Show up to a few functions that you don't have to be paid for. Experimenting and trying different things is how we evolve as photographers. That would be my advice.

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