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From the life of oceanides

From surrealistic "underwater" photo series.

Model - beautiful Ineya Konovalov
From surrealistic "underwater" photo series.

Model - beautiful Ineya Konovalov
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a studio. There I built a dry aquarium for the model.
It was evening time, this is my favorite and, probably, the only time for photo experiments. It was time to prepare my own photo project - to finish my studies at the Academy of Photographs (Petrozavdsk, Russia)
Lighting was studio (pulsed light)
It was shot in a photo studio, on a Canon EOS 600D, with an 18-55 mm f / 3.5 lens. But it took a long time to prepare a dry glass aquarium in which I placed models for filming this series. Friends found and brought specially for this large glass - it was underneath that the model was located and in the same plane I laid out various decorative objects related to the underwater theme. On top of this glass, it was necessary most successfully, taking into account the composition and lighting, to place other similar items for decorations (numerous shells, glass crystals, plants, moss, etc.). And only then splashes of water on the whole structure!
Water is my favorite subject, it runs through life. I was born and raised by the sea, in the south of Russia, and I constantly live in the Russian North, in Karelia - on the land of rivers and lakes - on the coast of the huge Lake Onega. Another powerful source of inspiration for me are myths and fairy tales, because they connect me with my childhood, with the world of fantasy, beautiful wizards, monsters, feats and heroes. In addition, the topics of femininity, individuality, subconsciousness, identity are always interesting. Sources of inspiration all around us!
For me it’s important that this photo, like most of my other shots, doesn’t need additional processing, except for the most elementary (easy color correction, sometimes a little retouching and cropping).
In my camera bag
Almost always, apart from the camera with me, my favorite lenses are: macro and portrait Tamron SP AF 60mm f / 2.0 Di II LD Macro, as well as creative soft-focus self-made monocle 50 mm. I also usually take with me various devices for photo-creative work — homemade filters, distorting glass, mirrors and the like. I love to experiment!
To conduct such surreal photo shoots need serious preparation. The main thing is to think in advance about the plan of action, find the requisite necessary for your theme, build a glass “aquarium” in advance so that the model can be freely placed inside it and so that you can freely control the lighting - in search of the most successful one. And already in the process of shooting, you can decorate this "aquarium" with various objects - and the props can be any, and not necessarily "underwater". With the same surreal effect, I think it will be interesting to shoot a model in the scenery, for example, from flowers.

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