Anemone Coronaria





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davidparkhurst April 20, 2019
Very good
rarapoppins PRO+
rarapoppins April 21, 2019
Wow I love this.. Absolutely beautiful shot
Styrman April 21, 2019
Thank you all for the congratulations and cheerful words. I appreciate it!
harmeetsingh April 21, 2019
sheri_wright_9941 Premium
sheri_wright_9941 April 21, 2019
Stunning colors and edit.
LonnieWatkins April 21, 2019
Purple is a great eye-catcher. Wow.
Styrman April 22, 2019
Thank you!
PaulEnigma PRO
PaulEnigma April 22, 2019
Just Beautiful

Behind The Lens

This photo is taken in my "homestudio". In other words: in my boyfriends office at home :)
This photo is taken in the afternoon, but it could have been taken at any time even in the middle of the night since I used a studioflash.
I wanted to highlight the blacks in the middle of the flower, and also to get as much details as possible. I think that I could have done better with the details though. I put a studio flash with a small reflector and a grid straight above the flower. Not too close, in order to get at least some shadows.I flagged off all ambient light to get the colors as I wanted them.
This was shot on a Nikon D750 with a macro lens Nikon AF-S VR 105/2,8G IF-ED Micro-Nikkor. I used one studioflash ELINCHROM D-LITE RX ONE, a reflector with a grid. And of course a tripod.
I love taking photos of, not only flowers, but everything in the nature. Animals also. I love all the colors on flowers though. My inspiration comes mostly from looking at all the fantastic photos that are available here at Viewbug for example. Also photos from friends, the photoclub. I just follow the seasons, there is always something worth stopping by to look at. Even if its not beautiful.
This was taken in RAW. So I did the usual post processing: Adjusting shadows and highlights, contrast, blacks and whites, added som clarity. I found the whitebalance ok, since I used a greycard when I did the setup for the flash. Then on to Photoshop where I adjusted the colors a little bit, removed some spots, added a curves layer to get som more contrast. I finished it off by sharpening a little bit using a highpass layer. Thats it!
In my camera bag
My camera, a Nikon D750. I always pack my macro lens Nikon 105, 2,8. A wide angle zoom. Nikon 16-35 and/or Sigma 35 mm Art. A tele zoom: Nikon 70-300F/4.5-5.6G IF-ED ( old now, but the only telezoom that i've got ). A Raynox DCR-250 in case i want to get veven closer. Flash: Nikon SB-900. Various filters, mostly from NISI. Polarizing filter is a must sometimes. A small reflector, a grey card. A tiny "softbox" if I need it. Last but not least: A tripod and a beanbag!
Be patient. My problem is that I get so excited that I want to rush it and take lots of photos. Thats always bad for me. Enjoy the moment and make it last longer! Use a flash with som kind of diffuser. Some times its good to use something as a diffuser for the whole picture, to even out the contrasts. Especially during midday. Look for "ugly" things, it might be worth it!

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