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harmeetsingh August 06, 2019
richardjollymore August 21, 2019

Behind The Lens

I surprisingly took this photo in my bedroom! My friends and I play cards against humanity every Sunday, half way though a game I was like "I have an idea!" We grabbed all my aseptically pleasing blankets I own, as well as my camera equipment, then made a fort using c-stands and blankets.
In the middle of a stormy day.
Since this was in a fort, lighting was a challenge. I knew immediately that I wanted to back lit my muse, Carter, so I had to squeeze this tiny tree stand behind her with 5x7in LED light. I also had two slightly larger lights in front of her so she wouldn't become a silhouette. It was not the best production quality I had, and it honestly took forever to make sure the light wasn't in her shot. However, this lighting technique, in my opinion, made the photo.
I used my handy dandy Canon 5D Mark 4, Canon Standard Zoom 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens, and my lights!
I was with Carter two days prior and we took this amazing shot, and I wanted to do it again. If you ever met me in person you would immediately know I am a hippie at heart. Vegan and all. I noticed, I didn't have any photos in my portfolio that really represented that natural, hippie, colorful vibe. This photo came to be because I longed for a portfolio that felt like mine, and like not someone else's. Carter also is a hippie at heart so I thought it was the perfect match to make this happen.
I am a videographer as well as a photographer, so editing is a medium I have a lot of experience in. This was around the time I was getting used to using Lightroom Classic so I sat there for a good thirty minutes adjusting colors, lighting, details, making sure it felt right.
In my camera bag
Too much. Always too much. I use a Canon 5D Mark 4 so I always have 400 CF cards with me at all times as well as too many batteries that 9/10 times they are all dead except the one I charged the night before a shoot. I always carry my 24-70mm lens, and my precious canon cinema f/1.3 Lens.
Get Creative. Trust me, there have been times the only thing I have to light a subject is a lamp. I know not everyone can afford lights, tree stands, and a camera. Find the resources you have around you, blankets, lamps, phones, and a good team to help you out.

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