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Cakes And Cookies Photo ContestTop 30 rank week 1


Behind The Lens

At a wedding in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Just before sun set I believe.
It was an indoor event on an overcast evening. The sweets were out by a window, so I got some natural lighting, which makes the photo for me.
16-35mm f2.8 I believe. I needed all of that width to get the sweets all in and be close enoug to them. Camera is Canon 5Dmk3.
I really like taking photos from a top angle. It's tough doing so with an ultrawide angle. Normally that presents challenges that I don't have time to address, such as floors being not interesting or have too much on them. Or I can't get high enough to get all that I want in the shot. Or I get too many things in the shot. So I really wanted to have that interesting top angle look for these sweets.
Just a bit of contrast to pop the color of the deliciousness and a bit of white balance playing to have a bit of warm yellow and blue mix.
In my camera bag
On a wedding day I have all the ranges from 8mm fisheye for fun shots to 400mm for faraway candid shots. A macro 100mm for cool detail shots and rings as well as portraits. A 50mm for beautiful portraits and in general it's great all around. Flash gun or two (mounted somewhere), if I don't have enough light.
Timing. Gotta be aware of the desserts coming out. Want to take your shots before children get to the sweets. Shots from challenging angles require patience. Gotta make sure you review your photos before leaving the area. Make sure you have the composition, exposure and focus you desire. You could always practice shooting from that angle on an ultra-wide just to have an idea of how it affects your light and shadows as well as composition obviously. I don't have an movable screen, so my eye has to be in the viewfinder or I have to eyeball shots like that so that I don't get myself in the photo. But I'm really familiar with my equipment so I am very good at judging the heights and angles I need.

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