Christmas elf

Bordercollie male Capo

Bordercollie male Capo
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wklein PRO
wklein February 06, 2019
So cute...great shot and congrats!

Behind The Lens

I have studio here in Finland. My studio is attached to a dog training hall and the model is Capo, super talented in obedience.
I took this photos just a day before christmas so the atmosphere at the studio was really nice and calm.
In a studio I use Elinchrome D-Lite flashes and in this photo I had soft boxes smoothing the light.
I had my Nikon D810 and Nikkor 24-70mm. For the light I used Elinchrome D-lite flashes.
I wanted to have some cute Christmas photo of this dog. I knew he can do this head down trick, so we tried all different things and this came up really cute.
As taking photos of dogs includes a lot of fur everywhere, I needed to clean the background from dog hair. I also made the dog pop up from the background a bit more mostly with doge/burn -tool
In my camera bag
In my camera bag I usually have all my gear with me. I want to be able to use anything I have, so I wont miss any good shot because I left something at home. So I've got Nikon D800 and D810. Normally in studio I use Nikkor 24-70mm. In location I usually use Sigma 85mm and 35mm 1.4 ART And if we are taking some action shots, for that I have 70-200mm 2.8
Taking photos of dogs needs to be fun, not only for you but also for the models. So first I would train my dog very well for certain trick. Treating in right time is the most important thing, so I would treat the dog basically after every photo taken. The treat needs to be THE BEST for your dog. Some dogs loves ham, some dogs chicken and like my own dog, she wants a squeaky toy.

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