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This is my first attempt with HDR. I'm pleased with it, but...not sold yet.

This is my first attempt with HDR. I'm pleased with it, but...not sold yet.
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johnporter_8805 PRO
johnporter_8805 January 24, 2019
Awesome shot of CLE

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo near Heritage Park in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
My wife was flying to the city to visit me for Thanksgiving weekend (I was working at a couple clinics in Cleveland for two months) and I was waiting on her plane to arrive. This was shot about two hours after sunset.
This is an interesting shot to me because I don't normally do HDR style shots, but I wanted to try it with this. I actually took two shots: one exposed for the sky, and one exposed for the foreground. I then blended them in Lightroom.
I use a Canon 6D, with the stock ef 24-105mm is f4 lens, a tripod with trigger release.
It was freezing, but I saw this broken down fence right by the water. I loved the links in the chain and the reflection of the bridge in the water. I was running low on time, as my wife's plane landed early and I had time for just a couple more shots. I chose this spot and I'm glad I did.
I used Lightroom to edit two different shots of the same scene and then I merged them together using their HDR feature. After that, I did a few minor tweaks to get the finished product.
In my camera bag
I usually carry my camera, a flash, a 50mm lens, 70-200 lens, my stock lens, and a couple trigger releases, as you never know when you might drop one in the ocean (not that I know from experience or anything).
My advice is to get to the spot early and walk around. Too many photographers find one spot they like and plant themselves there and never look for different compositions. This was about the 7th different place I stopped at to take pictures of this scene. Also, don't be afraid to take risks. With this shot, I tried an HDR style I had never done before. It worked. Sometimes it doesn't. Change the aperture and play with depth of field, do a pano, zoom in on something, etc. You never know what you will find once you see it on your computer. For night shots, most importantly, DO NOT FORGET YOUR TRIPOD! I went to Scotland last year without a tripod. You can imagine my disappointment. Keep shooting, my friends!

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