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bobbytaylor71 Mar 01
Congrats on your award, well done.

DJ Kilmore I





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ at an after party for the Sea.Hear.Now music festival. DJ Kilmore was playing a private set there.
I took this picture around midnight, early on in his set and before a crowd built up so I could get right up to the stage.
The lighting for this photo was tough to work with. There was a fair amount of back lighting that would flash on and off so I had to time this well.
I shot this on a Canon 77D using a 24mm prime lens. I had the aperature pretty wide open at 2.8 which allowed me to use a high shutter speed
I’m a huge music fan and love taking pictures of live music whenever I can. The lighting was pretty interesting so I had to pull out my camera.
I used Lightroom to boost the shadows a bit and reduce the noise. The lighting was pretty extreme so I didn’t need to do too much to get it where I wanted it.
In my camera bag
I typically carry three prime lenses with me, a 100mm, 50mm, and the 24mm I used on this photo. I typically know what I’ll be shooting before I go. The 24mm used here is a pancake lens that makes it very easy to bring around with me.
I recommend knowing how to set up your camera before going in. The lights at concerts will confuse your light meter so start our controlling what you know you will need - wide open aperature and a decently high shutter speed. You’ll likely need a high ISO as well, which you can clean up in post processing. The key is to get a crisp image without any blur.

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