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Seams Like a Redhead





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reginaldojames October 19, 2018
Ótima composição! Linda, na verdade! Parabéns!
pietnel December 17, 2018
harmeetsingh Mar 02

Behind The Lens

I shot this image with Amy Heather on one of the many sandstone clifftops along the coast of Sydney, Australia. This area is part of the Botany Bay National Park. It's located about 17 km south-east of the city, in an area called La Perouse, named after the French navigator, who arrived at Botany Bay, a few days after the arrival of the First Fleet.
This was shot during the mid-afternoon in the middle of the Australian winter. I’m fortunate to live in Sydney, where the winters are relatively mild. The middle of the day is usually warm provided there’s no strong wind.
This was a straight-forward image shot in natural light. I was concerned that the rock at the lower right corner was in direct sunlight, whereas the rest of the area was in shade. Luckily, the surrounding sandstone was predominantly light-coloured, so there was plenty of reflected sunlight. I underexposed the image slightly to retain the highlight details from the brightly-lit rock.
I shot this handheld with a Canon 5D Mark III, with a 24-105mm f/4L IS lens at a focal length of 35mm, f/6.3, 1/400 sec, ISO 400.
I've always loved artistic nude images of the female figure, and I’m always looking ways to contrast the soft, feminine curves with hard, harsh, rugged surfaces - whether natural or man-made.
I lifted the shadows, dialled down the highlights, and adjusted the white balance to a warm 9000K. I used the spot healing brush in Adobe Photoshop to remove any obvious skin blemishes before I applied a masked skin retouching filter using Imagenomic’s Portraiture plug-in.
In my camera bag
Always more than I need! I’m a bit paranoid, so I bring lots of spare equipment. I have two or three camera bodies, a couple of flash units, radio triggers for off-camera flash, a tripod (with a lighting sprigot so that the tripod doubles as a light stand), spare batteries and empty memory cards.
This is a good example of a collaborative effort. Amy and I both loved the sandstone formation with the seams. It was Amy’s idea to contrast the straight lines with a pose that had lots of curves. I framed the image with the diagonal line to make the image more dynamic.

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