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RiekkoKoo PRO
RiekkoKoo October 27, 2018
Thank you very much. 🙏🤗
RiekkoKoo PRO
RiekkoKoo November 02, 2018
Thank you everyone. :)
RamonZabala PRO+
RamonZabala November 03, 2018
Wow !!
Cookies4U PRO+
Cookies4U November 04, 2018
Congratulations on your wins--well deserved!
Olanderphotography December 12, 2018
IrinaPhotography PRO+
IrinaPhotography August 13, 2019
You are so talented! Amazing work highlighting the Spices! Very unique work and style! I love the vibe and he Pop of Colors!
paulatchinson PRO
paulatchinson September 05, 2019
Hi - this image would be a great entry for a challenge I have just created. Could you be persuaded to give it a go. Its 'IN THE KITCHEN'.
To enter Go to my Viewbug Page - click on my avatar image - click on the link to CHALLENGES, then CREATED and choose 'IN THE KITCHEN'.
I hope you enter and best of luck.
CPKphoto Jun 30

Behind The Lens

The Photo was taken in our home kitchen, on our dinnertable. I also used the wooden tray for the spices and spoons. I went to store and bought the most colorful spices I could find. Haven't used any of them for cooking, but maybe I will. :D
It was about noon when I decided to try this kind of photography. The light was ideal and no children at home so I had all the time and peace for the shoot.
I used natural light on this one. Window was on the left side. In Finland, we don't get that much light this time of year so if I wanna use naturallight, there is about 4-5 hours of it.
I have a canon 6D and I think in this photo I used 50mm lens. No flash, no tribod. Naturallight coming from the left and I shot from above. It took a few shots to find the perfect angle and composition, but it turned out great.
I am a photography degree student. My friend asked if I could take the photos for her upcoming bakerybook and I said yes. I wanted to try something that related and was the style she was looking for. So first time for me taking this kind of photos but she loved them and now we're shooting material for her book. I love rustic style food photos and also love really earthy colors in food, so I tried to do something like that.
Didn't do much, really. Little lighting adjustment, color correction and some rubbish removal but that's about it. :)
In my camera bag
Camera, obviosly, 50mm and 85mm and 85mm is the one I usually shoot with because I mostly do portraits. One flash and some filters. Not much. I love using naturallight so my bag is light. :)
Plan the composition well and take time to setup all the things that is needed in the setup. Lighting is important. If you use naturalligh, place the table and background near the window and take some test shots. Time, time and time. I crop the picture right on when I take the picture because then I see right away if the composition works or not. And lsat but not least, have fun :)

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