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hemaliacharyazaveri November 12, 2018
Beautiful portrait

The Bookworm

A bookworm in his natural environment.
A bookworm in his natural environment.
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Behind The Lens

Photo taken at the author's home in front of his extensive library.
He's a night owl, so I shot this at night. It made it easier to control the light as this room is usually lit by large windows on two sides.
I used a single Einstein strobe with a 60" Photek Softliter umbrella positioned overhead with a bounce reflector on the floor to add a little fill.
Canon 5DsR, Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS lens, handheld.
I've been wanting to take this photo for a few years. I've known the subject for over 20 years and he's one of my favorite people.
Not much post-processing on this shot... just adjusted a bunch of sliders in Lightroom.
In my camera bag
I try to keep a flexible kit. My primary camera is a Canon 5D3. While I have a bunch of lenses, I tend to use mainly the 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II and the 35mm f/2 IS. They're incredibly sharp, both have IS for handheld work, both have pleasing bokeh, and both have dependable AF when used wide open. I also always have a lens cleaning kit (air duster, air bulb, lens/filter pens, lens paper, and Pancro cleaning fluid), an array of filters (CP, ND, ND grads, etc), and plenty of batteries.
I love shots like this - where the subject is immersed in their "natural environment" or a location that tells you a lot about who they are. My advice is to really get to know the subject on a personal level, which, admittedly, is easier to achieve when you've been close friends for years.

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