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Lago Goletta





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Neckbone November 13, 2018
Beautiful scene and capture!
janvanpoortvliet PRO+
janvanpoortvliet June 27, 2019
Nice shot
DNproSTUDIO June 28, 2019
amazing this landscape

Behind The Lens

11010 Rhemes-notre-dame Aosta Valley, Italy
This image is taken near the end of the day. Not exactly the right timing because that would've meant hiking back down in the dark and more importantly: missing dinner time and hiking the next day on an empty stomach.
Lighting in the mountains is a take what you get kinda situation. As weather/clouds/mist etc can change any minute without warning: long term planning for the best situation possible is nearly impossible.
For this shot I've used Sony A7II with 24-70GM. I had the polariser on and obviously used a tripod for the long exposure.
The ice cold lago Goletta was glancing at me, luring me in. As I answered her call and nearly froze my legs off, I knew I had to take a picture of the lake that offered me that intimate moment.
As post-processing goes I did very little: standard basic adjustments and some cloning to remove a disturbing feature. My philosophy is to edit as little as possible.
In my camera bag
During mountain hikes of multiple days and long distances? As little as possible. 1 camera, 1 lens a polarizer, a gorilla pod and spare batteries.
The best advice is the most simple advice: get out of the door and go places. Does not matter if you go to Lake Goletta in Italy or the pond right next door. You can make beauty out of anything & everything. Lakes benefit from long exposures as do waterfalls. Lakes benefit from polarizers as does anything with sky/water/reflections. Play around and experiment with what you have. And most importantly, have fun in the process.

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