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michellehugheswalsh July 11, 2018
Beautiful portrait
scotia PRO
scotia July 11, 2018
Thank you so much! That's very kind!
CG July 21, 2018
Lovely Portrait
scotia PRO
scotia July 21, 2018
Many thanks, hugely appreciated!
SVPhotos PRO
SVPhotos August 13, 2018
Beautiful shot!
olgadazneira September 26, 2018
Hello. Can I used for me painting? This is great.
Steve_Thomas December 08, 2019
Another great shot!

Behind The Lens

Ive been running a project called "Scotland's Dogs" where I capture owners pets in public locations using natural light. It's sometimes tricky since there are often distractions but Jed was so focused! Im still quite new to photography so enjoy learning from every shoot!
The shoots are open from 1pm to 3pm with no particular running order - up to ten dogs per afternoon!
Natural light, although sometimes the clouds take the edge off the very bright summer we're having here in Scotland!
Hand held shot, I only have one camera & one lens, Canon EOS70D & the kit 18mm - 200mm. It can be quite challenging at times!
Following the overwhelming success (& fabulous fun!) of my SCOTLAND'S HORSES project in 2017, I decided 2018 should be all about the dogs! Models of all breeds & ages are invited to set locations so its always a wonderful mixture of breeds!
These portraits are quite brutalist in nature with little post processing other than an adjustment levels layer in photoshop, masked to help balance the light & shadows. Eyes are finished with a little sharpening in the reflections.
In my camera bag
I really don't have much to pack! Camera, lens, squeaker (for the dogs), rattler (for equestrian shoots) & an energy drink for me!
Portraits for me are about expression & composition. My shots are hand held & I put a lot of effort into engaging with the dogs & gaining their focus. Im often found rolling on the ground with them, making odd noises & generally playing the fool! If the dogs can relax & have fun, it shows in the shots!

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