The Cook

Photo, retouching,concept: Daniel Ilinca.
Model:my crazy friend Razvan C. as "The Cook".

Photo, retouching,concept: Daniel Ilinca.
Model:my crazy friend Razvan C. as "The Cook".
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toml721 PRO
toml721 July 10, 2018
Finger licking good?? lol
jacksonkismet Premium
jacksonkismet October 29, 2018
This is hilarious!!! I love it! So creative.
gdpshots November 02, 2018
Love this! Great work!
wildwoodie56 November 03, 2018
Fantastic creativity
paulsrobinson PRO+
paulsrobinson November 09, 2018
I love the comedy in this image. I cannot stop laughing! Well done.
daveseye PRO
daveseye December 11, 2018
It's good to be the cook!

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in a Ramada Hotel kitchen.
It was early morning and I was told I have one hour to make the shooting.
You should see the raw file of this image. I didn’t even have time to set up the light. Let me tell you why. As I told you, we had one hour for this shooting in the Ramada kitchen. The plan was to put the female model full nude in the frame and my friend, “the cook” to be in his underwear. But we didn’t expect to have all the kitchen staff, coming there for “the show” to see what we were about to photograph. My friend, “the cook” said to me: “ I am going to shoot only for a couple of minutes, they are all staring at me”.
Canon 5d mkII, 24-70, one Hensel Porty flash with a beauty dish.
It was just a moment inspiration, i knew i had acces to the location so we improvised on the spot.
Because I didn’t have time to set my light, I did a lot of postprocessing. I was so dissapointed because I didn’t have time to make it like I have imagined it so I didn’t even look on the raw photos for about 2 years. One day, I was browsing on my old hard drives and I said to give it a try. And it was worth it all the hard work in postproduction.This image turned out to be one of my most popular images at that time, on social media.
In my camera bag
2 or 3 lenses and my Nikon D4s body. I have a really small bag to carry when I shoot on location.
Improvise. Sometimes you will be dissapointed after the shooting. But give it time, you will see the potential of your photos.

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