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Jul, 2018


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Won Contest Finalist in Color Extravaganza Photo ContestNovember, 2018
Won Community Choice AwardNovember, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Compositions 101 Photo Contest vol6October, 2018
Won Runner Up in Monthly Pro Photo Contest Vol 43September, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Monthly Pro Photo Contest Vol 43August, 2018
Won Staff FavoriteJuly, 2018


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Behind The Lens

It was taken in Studio 33 in Greater London. It is a new studio based in High Barnet, Alston Works, UK. It has a lot of natural light as you can see from the image.
This set up is one of my favorite setup and perfect location to execute on. I remember when the host who is a photoshop wizard opened up the casting call and I was so happy to finally shoot there during the broad daylight. As I walk in at around 12:00 pm I see a bright daylight pouring so much of natural light that almost no need to have another light source. This was taken when the sun was midway to the west around 2:00 pm on 1st July 2018.
There was an ample amount of light coming from the left side of the studio through the glass window. However, I noticed that there were some soft shadows on her left cheek so I cleverly asked her to move sidewise so that I can hide that shadow and still shoot on natural light. However, I have used a silver defector to fill some shadows on her arms, shoulder.
This was shot on Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm Prime, f1.8 at a shutter speed of 1/160sec and ISO 100. A silver reflector. No other equipment was added.
I am always up for the high drama fashion shoot and nothing can beat it when Jordan feature in it. When I saw the flowing dress that she was going to wear, I immediately recon that it has to match a contrasty background, like a little punchy. So while the original proposal was to put a Red backdrop, I noticed that there was a yellow backdrop as well. Apart from that while I was clicking her on a different outfit, I got the ladder and thought to use it with this outfit to give it a bit of perspective and the result is this.
My typical post-processing for high octane fashion shoot includes a bit of cleaning from all the side which is cropping, lens correction, chromatic aberration etc. Apart from that a bit of dodging and burning to smooth out the texture of her skin and lift the shadow to look evener.
In my camera bag
The first thing I always carry is my Canon 85mm 1.2. But sometimes 85mm doesn’t give me that spread of my wing at the left and right, so I carry my old 50mm f1.8 as well. I then pack up my Canon 5D Mark III body along with diffuser filter just in case I need to diffuse some incoming light onto my lens. However, for a combination of fashion and beauty, I never forget to pick up my 180mm F3.5 Macro. It’s smooth as butter when it comes to macro beauty, even at the natural beauty as well.
If you want to click a calm high fashion shoot without drama in place which is playing around with multiple strobes from a different angle then find out a place where you get a good exposure, at least f5.6. That will do the trick even if you want to click around f1.8. Use a silver reflector to fill in the shadows. That will punch enough light to the scene. My other advice is, even if you carry an f1.2, don't use it at 1.2, use it somewhere around 1.8-2.0. That way you can get more sharpness around the body and dress without losing much details.

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