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davidgreen_1210 June 25, 2018
Great capture of her smile.
robwill236 June 26, 2018
love this..... great picture
ingelavelin June 26, 2018
Such a great picture!!
ianlloydwilliams July 09, 2018
You've really capture the true essence of your model.. and the composition and colour balance are excellent.. well done..!
annetteD1994 August 18, 2018
stephendrew November 15, 2018
beautiful, Perfect






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Behind The Lens

My hometown of Beaumont Tx. This was taken on Crockett Street, a nicer part of downtown.
Late afternoon, before sunset. I was in open shade because of the buildings.
The lighting used was just ambient light / natural light. Some sunlight was bouncing from other buildings and gave me fill. Paying attention to your surroundings to see where the light is coming from will help you place your subject.
I was using the Sony A7r III with a metabones dummy adapter in order to use my Zeiss Milvus 1.4/85 ZF.2 manual focus lens. Shot wide open at f/1.4 for a unique look. No flash, just available light.
Watching and following a couple of photographers as they post their portraits, their posts inspired me to try my own portrait shoot. Plus having a new camera always helps! I needed / wanted a pretty model to work with and practice on, Zarah said she would always try to be available to work with me.
Post processing is a must for me, I don’t go all out and heavy and over process my images. I like to keep it natural. I used Adobe Lightroom for this image.
In my camera bag
I used to have Nikon, but since my recent switch to Sony, I have two A7r III bodies and three manual focus Zeiss Milvus lenses. 1.4/50, 1.4/85, & 2/135mm.
Well, practice makes perfect I would say. Focus on your subject, if your subject has a significant other, fall in love with your subject and see them through the eyes of his or her significant other, that always seems to help. Strive to get that human connection. For me, portraiture comes naturally, most of the time I don’t have to work too hard at it, depending on my subject. I follow a two of my favorite photographers regularly, Jerry Ghionis, Joe McNally, and they inspire me to do better.

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