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EricaAlmquist Jun 16
Love the movement!






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Behind The Lens

The picture was taken in Plaça Universitat, in Barcelona. It was after a heavy rain and the streets weren't as full as usual.
It was a cold afternoon and it was the first time I was meeting Ira (the girl in the picture). She is a finnish girl and it was really cool that we got somehow connected to take this shot!
The best of the moment I think it was the lighting. Since it was after a cold heavy summer rain, the sky was gray and the streets where wet, the cars where using their lights... And this somehow managed to give the picture the perfect atmosphere.
To take the picture I just used my Canon 6D MkII and my 24-70 Tamron lens. I didn't have anything else with me so I took the picture freehand.
I wanted to share my feelings about blue days. Some people hate it when it rains and they are always hiding under their umbrellas. For me it's different. Everytime it rains it gives me the feeling that I am more alive, more connected. Everything is fresh, and shining and new. So I wanted to have Barcelona at the back of the portrait and I wanted she to look excited or amused and free, even tho it's not what you would expect in a rainy day.
I don't post-process so much my images, I just adjust a little bit the lightning, correct some color dominants (so it looks maybe colder than it is in reality) and that's basically it!
In my camera bag
I always have with me my Canon 6D MkII with 24-70 Tamron lens. I usually have some other things in my bag like a small tele from an old camera, an instax camera and I sometimes carry with me my analogyc Yashica. And from now on I'll also be carrying a 50mm canon lens that I bought!
My advice to achieve something similar is that you just try, and practice, and have fun. And then, while you are taking pictures, getting to know the model and the space, adjusting with the lighting.. Then you can come up with something original that wasn't even on your mind when you went out for the session. And then, you can maybe get to take this picture that has suddenly appeared on your mind.

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