Gdynia -Pomorskie-Poland

Yesterday sunset next to Dar Pomorza ship.

Yesterday sunset next to Dar Pomorza ship.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Gdynia, beautiful city in the north of Poland. Gdynia is also a part of Tricity area which includes two more cities (Gda?sk and Sopot)
It was about 8 PM - an early sunset.
Sun just hide behind skyscrapers in the background, so it was a perfect time to take that picture.
This shot (actually 3 shots) was taken with Canon 7D and Sigma 10-20mm f 3.5 lens, no tripod used.
A day earlier my friend borrowed me his wide lens because i was doing few interior shots. I was on my sunday walk when i decide to take out my camera and search for some good scene. When i saw this boat and the background i was sure that will be interesting shot :)
Well, i merged 3 shots (Handheld bracketing +2, -2 and 0 EV) for this one picture so I did a bit of post-processing. I used HDR Efex Pro from NIK Collection. Well the program did the most by itself and all i had to do was some fine adjustments with standard white balance, contrast and clarity.
In my camera bag
My everyday stuff includes Canon 7D with 24-105mm f4 L Canon lens. That covers most of my needs. for some special occasions i got manual M42 Helios M44-2 58mm / f2.
The most important advice is - USE TRIPOD ;) Most of HDR photos are quite difficult to be made by hand. Standing still even with your IS on, taking three photos with different exposures is almost impossible to reach. My second and last advice is to use your camera every single day. The more you practice with different subjects the quicker you will find your favourite types od photos.

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