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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at one of the more popular fishing lakes in Nebraska, Lake Wanahoo. But this lake also has a lot of great opportunities for wildlife photography. This was a creek that was damned for flood prevention and they left a lot of trees up, so the middle of the lake has a lot of timber that birds love to hang out in.
This was an evening that I went out fishing with friends in my kayak.
The thing I love to hate about photography is that lighting allows so many options. You can add it or try to minimize it for effect. The most difficult part in wildlife photography to me is trying to set yourself up in the best way you can and only getting a split second to snap one shot that may or may not turn out.
At the time I had just gotten into photography and taking the camera on my kayak. So everything I did was handheld. This was taken I was using a simple Nikon d3400 with a 70-300mm kit lens. It was the first camera I'd purchased and my equipment has drastically upgraded, but this camera has always been great when I needed it.
One of the reasons I got into photography as much as I have is because I was always at the lake and saw really neat opportunities for a photo. But as far as phone cameras has come, it's still tough to get that sharp image of a DSLR. This photo is the embodiment of why I bought a camera to start. This image would not be nearly what it is if I had only taken it with my phone.
I try to keep my photos as natural as i can and don't like to do much post-processing (sometimes I've gone overboard with it). I really only use Adobe Lightroom to adjust some exposure or shadows of a photo.
In my camera bag
As my gear has been upgraded I now carry a Canon 1DX Mark II with a Sigma 150-600mm lens. Depending on where I am traveling to I will carry a Canon 35mm, Canon 70-200mm IS L, and then Canon 100mm Macro. I feel this gives me the widest range to cover almost any shot I want. And I still carry that Nikon d3400 with the 70-300mm just in case I feel nostalgic.
I will give the same advice that I once got. Carry your camera with you as much as you can and shoot as much as you can. You will never be as disappointed with having to delete photos that didn't turn out as you would be if you didn't even have your camera.

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