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Ringerike, Norway. Pano from two horizontals.

Ringerike, Norway. Pano from two horizontals.
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Nostroboy PRO
Nostroboy July 03, 2018
Amazing photography !
olehenrikskjelstad July 13, 2018
A huge thanks!
Alfredo_Jose PRO
Alfredo_Jose August 11, 2018
Excellent work, gorgeous!
olehenrikskjelstad September 24, 2018
Thanks a lot!
Byronfairphotography PRO+
Byronfairphotography January 13, 2019
What a beautiful scene.
olehenrikskjelstad January 13, 2019
Many thanks!
BenjaminHornePhotography January 13, 2019
What a beautiful scene. Nicely done
olehenrikskjelstad January 13, 2019
Thanks so very much!
laurentwach January 13, 2019
I love the light and the colors! It's incredibly beautiful!
olehenrikskjelstad January 13, 2019
Thanks so very much!
stigfagerli PRO+
stigfagerli January 13, 2019
olehenrikskjelstad January 13, 2019
Mange takk!
Neckbone January 14, 2019
Beautiful scene and capture!
olehenrikskjelstad January 14, 2019
Thanks a lot!
Neckbone January 14, 2019
Beautiful scene and capture!
smshaffer PRO+
smshaffer January 14, 2019
Awesome composition
olehenrikskjelstad January 14, 2019
Many thanks!
rogerframe PRO
rogerframe January 14, 2019
Great job!!!
olehenrikskjelstad January 14, 2019
Many thanks!
krissetyadi January 18, 2019
Nice !
olehenrikskjelstad January 20, 2019
Hwphotos January 22, 2019
This is an amazing photo!
olehenrikskjelstad January 22, 2019
A huge thanks!
EquineCanineFlora January 26, 2019
Looks like a Thomas kinkaid painting
olehenrikskjelstad January 28, 2019
A big thanks!
DNproSTUDIO February 19, 2019
beautiful sunset at winter
olehenrikskjelstad February 20, 2019
Many thanks!
wjrtailby1 PRO
wjrtailby1 April 14, 2019
Stunning as always ❤️
olehenrikskjelstad April 16, 2019
A huge thanks!!
RickL PRO+
RickL April 20, 2019
Exceptional photography
olehenrikskjelstad April 20, 2019
A huge thanks!
GCallahan December 09, 2019
Like a picture post card. Beautiful!
olehenrikskjelstad December 09, 2019
Thanks a lot!

Behind The Lens

This scene is from one of the many lakes in Ringerike, Norway. Ringerike is approx an hour's drive north of Oslo (the capital of Norway). The landscape around here is characterized by farm land, hills, forests and lakes. The water level in the lake vary a lot during the seasons - in April 2018 these foreground rocks, which otherwise are covered by water, were revealed and thus offered a nice foreground.
In April sunsets this far north are around eight in the evening. If the conditions are favorable sunsets in Norway can last quite while something which makes it possible to shoot several compositions during an evening with good light.
Where the sun sets also vary during the year this far north. In April it will set behind that tree line where there are a few openings so it is possible to get a decent sunstar. In this instance I wanted both the sunstar and the cabin in the image. That required a pano, so this is a panorama from two horizontals.
I used the Pentax K-1, Pentax 15-30, a Sirui w-2204 tripod + the Sirui Le-60 leveling base for keeping the horizon straight while shooting the pano. In addition, the Nisi S5 filter holder came in handy where I had inserted a Nisi cpl to enhance the reflections and a Nisi Medium filter to balance the light.
I have visited this location multiple times before, and the light is surprisingly often good around here. During spring the number of places to shoot landscapes here where I live are a tad limited due to ice, rotten snow, brown fields and trees still with a winter 'hangover'. My main motivation to head here again was just to have some alone-time and just be a little while. It is always fascinating to notice how I am swallowed up by a succession of nows when the light is good, and I just am. It is also interesting to me that this image is so well received here on Viewbug, because it is not one of my personal favorites. When that is said I have to admit that it is not possible for me to view my images like others do. How an image speak to others may differ quite a lot from how it speaks to me. Just the way it is.
I used Lightroom to stitch the pano, and I also used that piece of software to raw prep the image before I loaded it into Photoshop for further editing. In Photoshop I tweaked the colors, worked the midtones to add contrast and mood, and I used various approaches to dodge and burn to enhance local contrast adding visual interest to the scene.
In my camera bag
These days my Lowepro bag contains The Sony a7r III with the Tamron 17-28 and Tamron 28-75. In addition I always carry with me the Pentax K-1 Mark II (a trusted workhorse which can handle anything, and which image quality always is top notch). At other times I prefer the Pentax 645Z which is larger and heavier than the K-1, but that camera produces some stunning images with an incredible level of detail. All three cameras have stellar dynamic range, something that is vital for me as a landscape photographer. I carry with me a Sirui tripod (w-2204 or R-3213X), and I also have various Nisi filters in the bag in addition to spare batteries, cloths, a blower....and perhaps some nuts and chocolate ;)
If you visit a location multiple times you are bound to have some good light now and then - the kind of light and colors which may cause you to utter a quiet "wow". I know I am very privileged not having to drive long distances to have something to shoot. I therefore can visit locations many times. This has provided me with the opportunity to practice a lot, both behind the camera and behind the computer. I have during the years committed every imaginable mistake, and I have learned from every one of those quite often bittersweet blunders.

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