speterson6 Apr 19
Fascinating image, nice work my friend.
Alwolfe Apr 21
Absolutely amazing!
Witmar May 17
wonderful picture
Beautiful, congratulations!
Ajkliewer69 May 26
No... just no!

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Apr, 2018


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Won Contest Finalist in The Fluid Self Photo ContestMay, 2018
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Behind The Lens

This was a composite photograph. I used a dancer who I shot during a Nutcracker performance and put her on a background in the sky...which I took from an airplane with my Samsung Galaxy S6.
The dancer was shot indoors and the sky was shot, I believe, in the morning. However, I did so much in post, that you can't even tell.
I used overlays, the dodge and burn tool, and selective highlights to add light. The last addition of stars at the end help add to the illusion that light is off in the distance.
Simple. This was shot with a Canon t2i. My camera of 7 years. Though I WISH I had a more sophisticated 5dmarkIV, I have been fortunate to have been able to do so much with the capabilities of the t2i and hope to be an example of photographers not needing state of the art equipment to produce quality, timeless images.
I wanted the image to feel incredibly ethereal and other worldly. For those of us familiar with the story of The Nutcracker, I wanted to take the viewer to a place where they, like Clara, can question what is real and what is a dream. That's what I love about photography. I can take something I'm so incredibly passionate about -Dance and the performing arts- and push the limits even further; creating images that will literally paint the picture of the story they were just telling through movement.
This whole image was created in post, but when shooting dancers during events, I typically try to leave the images as close to the original conditions as possible to preserve the integrity of the experience.
In my camera bag
I always have my trusty Canon t2i and my 28-135mm lens; I keep a spare battery and my charger; a remote for self portraits; and tons of spare fuses for my lamps when shooting formal shots.
Oh goodness. Well, I guess overall I would take about inspiration for this piece. I kind of have to seize the inspiration when it hits me and not feel discouraged when it doesn't always come when I call on it. For me, it comes in waves; so if I could give any advice it would be to let it do it's thing and not try to force what doesn't want to be. Some images will take an hour, some five. Some, aren't ready to be finished and you'll shelve it for a couple of weeks until it's ready. All of that is completely normal. You're the creator, so cut yourself some slack and just enjoy the process. :)

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