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Behind The Lens


This was taken at a Renaissance Fair near Dallas, Tx.


This was taken a little after 4 p.m. towards the end of our visit.


It was a hot, partly cloudy day and I did not use any other lighting source.


This was a Nikon D5200 shot in the Raw format at f/6.3 to blur the background and focus on his face.


Although there were hundreds of costumed characters walking around, I spotted this man who was hired to pick up trash. His genial demeanor in spite of his unpleasant work made me want to capture that happy personality.


Even though in the original the background was out of focus as I wanted, there was a very bright white sign that I felt like was a distraction for this distinctive face. So I masked out all the background and replaced it with a texture background. I then lightened that background directly behind his head to bring more focus on the smile.

In my camera bag

Two Nikons, D750 and D5200, a Nikon 18-55mm and Nikon 28-300mm, UV and Polarizing filters, lens wipes, flash, extra batteries and chargers.


Don't neglect looking for subjects that are not what you originally planned to shoot. I wanted the Renaissance costumed characters but when I saw this custodian I realized he would be as good a subject as the costumed characters. Don't be focused just on your plan.

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