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Misty Fjords

We flew into the Misty Fjords near Ketchikan, Alaska, and landed the pontoon plane. This was the scene, serene beauty.

We flew into the Misty Fjords near Ketchikan, Alaska, and landed the pontoon plane. This was the scene, serene beauty.
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Behind The Lens

The Misty Fjords is an area near Ketchikan, Alaska. We flew in on a pontoon plane and landed on the water next to a floating platform. The day was warm and beautiful. When we stepped out of the plane, we were actually facing the opposite direction. I took some pictures, had my fill, then turned around. The view was as you see, and it took my breath away. I stared for a very long time, just drinking it in, then I snapped this photo.
It was late in the afternoon, but because it is Alaska and it was early in September with the days still pretty long, there was plenty of light for photography.
I was pretty careful not to over or under expose this shot. I wanted the colors to remain pretty strong. Since it was late in the afternoon, the angle of the sun hit the rocks on the bank giving them a nice golden glow.
I hand held my Canon T6i with a 55 - 250mm lens, f/9 at 1/125 with ISO100.
I wanted to capture the moment, the sheer beauty, the incredible expanse of untouched wilderness. I wanted to remember that moment forever.
I usually do some post-processing. For this shot, all it needed was slight leveling and a minimum of dehazing.
In my camera bag
At the time, my equipment was my camera and the two zoom lenses that came with it. I'm not entirely new to photography, but I am new to making my photographs look more professional. My bag now has expanded to include a wide angle prime lens, a circular polarizing filter, and a neutral density filter. I also have added a tripod and monopod, as well as a remote shutter trigger.
On a trip like ours you are limited in time to the schedule of the pilot. It's really important to try to think ahead and be prepared to adjust camera settings on the fly. Practice hand held shots, as there is no time to set up a tripod. In this part of the country, the light is different than back home. Look for where the light is coming from and where it hits. This can make or break your shot. Also, be aware of any reflections and line them up so they can mirror the main subject, replaying the color and form.

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