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Shadows in the Surf.

Drone shot of two of my surfcaster mates waiting at the edge of the surf zone for a bite! East Beach, New Zealand.

Drone shot of two of my surfcaster mates waiting at the edge of the surf zone for a bite! East Beach, New Zealand.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at one of my favourite fishing spots - East Beach in the far North of New Zealand. The beach has a gentle slope toward the high tide mark where this shot was taken. I attend an annual five day snapper surfcasting contest each year and take virtually all my gear to take advantage of all the photo opportunities that arise. You need a good four wheel drive vehicle to get to this spot.
The sun was rising behind us in the early morning. I think it was about 9am if my memory serves me correctly. I was standing with the two surfcasters and idly chatting away between the bites when the penny dropped! I had to run along the beach in the water as I didn't want foot prints in the sand.
The sun was perfect for what I was after in the shot. The shallow angle was enough to provide the shadows of the two surfcasters. The light was also enough to accentuate the foam tops of the wavelets as they exhausted thenselves on the gentle slope of the beach.
I used my DJI Phantom 4 AdvanceD UAV (drone). When I saw the shot I couldn't get it into the air quick enough as there were clouds approaching that would have ruined what I wanted to shoot!
I just saw the different textures of the wet sand and the foam on the advancing waves. I also liked the ripple effect of returning water on the sand at the lower part of the shot. I wanted the two guys to be in the shot to add scale and shadows.I hesitate to admit that to get this shot I had to put the drone in the air before completing my rather normally rigerous pre-flight check! Not a firing squad misdemenor, hopefully!
Very little post processing. A small amount of cropping and contrast.
In my camera bag
I have a polarising filter with the Phantom and extra batteries. I also have my Fujifilm HS20EXR ( an oldie but a goodie) with various colour filters and Neutral Density filters. I also have a Fujifilm XP200 for photo's in the rain or in the surf zone as its waterproof. I sometimes wear my HD Action Camera 1080P (similar to GoPro but cheaper) on a chest mount so I don't miss any action shots when a fish is on the hook. The two guys in the photo are mates that contiually give me stick about being a walking camera factory! A remote shutter release caps off what I normally carry along with various spare batteries. Perhaps a wheel barrow would be in order if I get any more gear.
I look for a beach that has a gentle slope and where the water will be exhausting itself over the sand getting on to high tide. At this time the foam is forming all those almost irregular patterns like in this shot.The sun is ultra important depending on which way you want the shadows to point. East is behind those two surfcasters. Having something like rocks, driftwood or, as in my case people, gives the picture scale and a focus point. The time was important here as the sun was up high enough so that red/orange sunrise colours were not present. I didn't want footprints in this shot also so running along the each before heading out of the water took care of that. The small second wavelet was a real bonus and one of the reasons why I entered it into the contest. If the sun is too high you could get a shadow from the drone which, in my opinion, would ruin the shot.

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