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Mar, 2018

Rachel takes a moment...

Shot on the dunes of Oregon, wearing designer pieces from "The Bitch Can Stitch".

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Behind The Lens

I shot this on the day of the last full lunar eclipse, on the dunes of Oregon. We took a break to watch the eclipse, and I broke out the drone to capture some great shots of Rachel, those dunes are somethin' to see... I will be going back.
This was shot from my drone, at almost noon, while normally, that light would be pretty brutal, I thought this angle worked really well with the drone, I had it about 50 ft above her, and I drove it straight down, with instructions to Rachel, of "Don't move!", haha, she's a trusting one!
This was shot using only natural light, I did shoot this with the drone using a c-log profile, so I could enhance things in post without having to worry about other artificial enhancements.
I shot this with a DJI Mavic Pro. It was my first time using a drone, and it will definitely not be my last. The drone allows for so many great angles that I couldn't possibly have replicated without spending a lot of money on other equipment.
Well, the eclipse was certainly inspiring! I had brought some designer wardrobe that I had picked out specifically for the dunes, and as it turns out, I think I made good choices. Between that, and the unique angles I was able to capture with the drone, I would have to say there was a lot of inspiring things in this shot!
I did a little. This is a frame capture from the drone's video footage. So there were a few video artifacts to take care of, and I removed some footprints around her. Other than that, some slight colour grading to enhance the look of the sand was all that was needed!
In my camera bag
This trip was quite a drive for me, so I packed everything, including the kitchen sink for this one! However, on a regular basis, my go-bag consists of my Canon 6D, my back-up body, a 60D, along with my trusted 70-200, a 24-70, and a 50mm. I also keep one flash in my main bag, just in case I need some fill light. Beyond that, strobes and reflectors etc all go in my trunk and travel bag.
If you're going to shoot on the dunes, you definitely want a sunny day, and I highly recommend a drone, I did create some video footage from that shoot as well, which looks great, but I don't have it posted anywhere just yet... The dunes go for miles, so depending on how much privacy you need for your shoot, you can definitely go walking and find a dune all to yourself. I was late getting started that day, but the sunrises and sunsets on the dunes should be pretty amazing to work with too!

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